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Come inform your tale Within the new segment of the month “come and inform your h …

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🌱How to tell your story🌱

In the new section of the month “come and tell your story” I take you to meet three friends with very different backgrounds, dentist, mompreneur and photographer, passionate about tea, art and the Bible. ▪️FC 🎤: You have created together “Tea Notes” what is the word that best summarizes this gourmet adventure?
▪️Aude🎤: Unexpected. I did not think Tea Notes would really see the light of day. For me it was a project a little unrealistic that would not take so much scale!
▪️Mélodie 🎤: Complicity. A beautiful harmony developed between us three. It is really very precious and rare in the field of work.
▪️Anne 🎤: Perseverance. We meet ups and downs in this beautiful adventure and it asks us to rely on God on a daily basis!

FC🎤: What motivated this great project?
▪ “Study”: it is the desire to share my love of the Bible, which is as true today as 2000 years ago, because it is the immutable Word of God. The truth deserves to be shared 🙂
▪️Melodie 🎤: I love the Word of God and I am convinced that it touches the hearts. I also like tea. Sharing the Bible around a mug resonates for me as a perfect chord.
▪️Anne🎤: A cup of tea in my hands and the open Bible, this is a daily teatime that is a resource for me and it's also a moment that we can share, so this project seemed obvious when Aude told us the current. 🌱In our hectic everyday life do we take the time to read the word of God? Our trio will answer this question in our next publication!
And what is your favorite moment in the day to read the word of God?
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