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Monday with Jesus by way of Summer time Playstation 5: 4 “O Jehovah, since morning time, my voice has been …

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🌿Monday with Jesus by Summer🌿
Psalm 5: 4 “O Lord, from dawn my voice is heard, for from the dawn of day I come to you, and wait for you …” I love this verse. When I read it, I see an image of someone who, upon awakening, addresses God. And then, afterwards, she remains confident, calmly, that God is acting. Several years ago, when I was still living in the United States, I attended a convention for pastors, and I shared a room with a lady for whom I had a great deal of respect. She must have been more than 70 years old at that time, and every morning, when she woke up, before getting out of bed, she would say aloud, “Blessed be the Lord! Blessed be the Lord! “▪It marked me the first morning, but when I saw that she was doing the same every morning, I thought,” Wow, it's really nice to give your first thoughts of the day to God! To confide in him from the moment when one opens his eyes! “” I think that when we recognize that Jesus is the master of our life “at the dawn of the day”, or, if you want, from the beginning of the week , or from the beginning of the year, etc., our hearts are marked by this positioning.
From the beginning, before doing anything else in the day, or the week, or the year, etc., I declare that it is Christ my master. He is the one I want to follow and I want to be more like him all day, or week or year, etc. I put all things in his hands since I recognize that he is the only master. If Jesus is master, it literally means that he controls everything. And so, I trust him for the future! ↪️Action today:
Today is Monday! Make your voice heard by God at the dawn of this new week! And be confident that he hears you – and that he is acting! May God bless you this week!

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