Kas 12, 2019

Monday with Jesus through Mary I’ve incessantly had the influence that my testimony is …

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🌱Monday with Jesus by Marie🌱 ▪️I have often had the impression that my testimony was not strong enough or that it was not enough to share it. When Jesus speaks to Nicodemus, He reminds him of a principle that we should all appropriate to ourselves “Truly, truly, I say to you, we say what we know, and we bear witness of what we have seen” John 3.11 ▪ “To speak with simplicity of our encounter with Jesus is the most incredible thing in our testimony! Our experiences and daily struggles are often real opportunities to give glory to Jesus! We all carry a powerful testimony, even you, to share and through our personal story we can bring others to taste the love of Jesus! 😃 ▪️Read from now on the testimony of what we have seen, lived and understood in our own life because that is what God is calling us to. Do not dwell in words and do not try to explain things that we have not yet understood because it will have little impact! ↪️Action today:
Today I encourage you to open your heart and to come and tell your story written with God!

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