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My tale with Ingrid “In love. At paintings. In friendship. We be told thru …

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🌿My story with Ingrid🌿 “In love. At work. In friendship. We learn through a process of mistakes. Those who have found their “way” in life can say how wrong it is. There will be turns, turns and dead ends … But everything is there to serve you! To take you to where you are destined to be. I was told one day “You will be either shot or pushed into your fate. In any case you will go!
She was right ! I literally hated this resumption of studies and even more having to present oral in front of a full promo but it allows me to face what scares me the most.
Now that I've finally accepted it, well, I grew up. And the process continues. We have all put so much pressure on ourselves and on the stages of our journey yet we just have to try to take one step after another as best we can.
I would just like to say it today, release the pressure. Feel what scares you. Do it trick. Answer the call. Do not wait. Say yes.
It does not matter what it is. But remember that growth demands that we never stay in something that requires you to be less!
The only goal is to grow! To deploy yourself! It's just a note on my heart for you ❤️ ”

Thank you Ingrid 😍🌿 ▪️And would you like to grow in the presence of God?
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