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Saturday Music by way of Nelly @itsnellymusic “So make the dominion of God yours …

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🎶Saturday Song by Nelly @itsnellymusic 🎶 “Therefore, make the kingdom of God your first concern, and these things will be given to you in addition.”
(Luke 12:31 BDS) ▪️This week, I share a title whose depth of text touches me every time I listen to it: “Nothing else” by @codycarnes.
I particularly like a part of the song that says:
“Forgive me when everything becomes a habit.
Forgive me when I thought only of myself.
I want to start all over again,
I open my heart again.
Forgive me when I forget who I'm singing for.
Forgive me when you alone are not enough.
I want to start all over again,
I open my heart again to you. “For some months, I have chosen to appropriate these words and to make my prayer.
What should matter most in our life is God himself. Not the blessings he gives us or the fact that we feel good, but God himself.
His goal is not that we live a life centered on ourselves, but that we live a life centered on him and his Kingdom.
Everything is about him.
From Genesis, we can see that God is a God of relationship and still today, he wants to restore this connection with us. ▪ Through this song, I wish to encourage you to pray differently: Ask God to develop in you a new attitude of heart so that you take pleasure in looking for him, just for who he is.
His presence makes the difference, so choose to make your relationship with him your number one priority. You will not be disappointed 😉 ▪️ So what are you going to do? 🎻Link YouTube in the bio
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