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Saturday Music Through Nelly @itsnellymusic God with us Within the Bible we will be able to see …

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🎼Saturday Song🎼
By Nelly @itsnellymusic 🌱God with us🌱 ▪️In the Bible, we can see that Jesus has many names. One of them is Emmanuel, and that name means “God with us”. ▪ When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, he communicates his life to us and comes to live in us.
The work of Christ in your life is the story of his reign in your story.
He sacrificed himself to restore the relationship that was lost initially in the Garden of Eden, and now he is still with you.
We have free access to his presence.
It may seem crazy, but thanks to Jesus, God is as close to us today as the air we breathe! Wow!
Just take a few seconds to inhale, then breathe out, and acknowledge that God is with you right now. 😊 Through the title of “God With us” @iamterrian, I encourage you to proclaim that you serve Emmanuel, the God who is always with you.
He will not forsake you and he will never abandon you.

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