Tem 21, 2019

The road for simplest safe haven? Be Ladies of Middle A paradoxical answer that …

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🌱The street for only refuge? Be Women of Heart💙🌱 A paradoxical solution that is imposed on more and more women, victims of a dramatic series of disillusions: the loss of a job, a violent companion, isolation, precariousness and it's the tumble !! “A woman who finds herself on the street must lose her femininity and her personality in order to survive.” These are the words of one of them ..😮 FC😮: Juliet, it's terrible what lives in everyday life these women .. tomorrow we could find ourselves in their place?
How can we help you? Help them?

Juliette 🎤: The idea is now to develop this project by allowing all “contemporary women” to join us by bringing back products for the making of parcels in order not to make the distributions that at Christmas time but all throughout the year.
Fc🎤: I like this idea of ​​regular actions, because precariousness is not only Christmas! Juliette 🎤: Exactly. We can not all do great things but we can all do little things with love and all year long!
The most wonderful thing about all this is that love multiplies when you share it ❤️ ❤️❤️ so if you were doing this project together? ➖Juliette gave us a challenge!
Like Elle, Debbie, Ingrid, Lucie and Edilène, Let's be this woman of heart to reduce the sorrow and sorrows of these abandoned women … Together let's look for a look that brings hope !! 🙌 In storie, we tell you how to participate in this project !! Stay connected!

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